What is next?!

Billy Time II has entered open beta testing today! I can’t begin to speak on how proud I am to have come this far in bringing this awesome game into the world.

First off, lets talk release dates. THERE IS NONE! hahahaha!

But seriously, as soon as I deem it ready, it will launch immediately. Right here on BillyTime.com!

But then what happens afterwards?

Glad you asked. 🙂

To start, Billy Time – Phase Four has been cooking in the background the whole time, we have maybe less than three months worth of videos. I’m not too proud of its quality but I might just suck it up and throw that out in the wild. Maybe next year for our 3rd anniversary.

We will have a new channel for full playthroughs! Its called Billy Time Live! But we’re not, its the joke and always has been buuuttttt…..I may be willing to change that. Only if I can feature a guest that offers restraint, the same applies to myself. Expect that to drop sooner than phase four.

I have to edit videos more often than not because some of my pals think of Fox News when it comes to quality entertainment. No Bueno.

Next up is Billy Time PLUS, we will be going back to the original game and improving graphics, and possibly adding a new character or two. No promises. Call me a perfectionist. :p

Finally, we have Super Billy Time II. Yep, capcom sure has given me some bad ideas over the years. Its hard to explain in depth but consider it an expansion to the vanilla base game, as large as it already is. I’m nearing the limit of how much content I can cram into this behemoth. But I can feel content with a final tally of 15 to 16 characters and maybe a few new stages.
Work has already started on said expansion, same deal applies to vanilla BT2, its done when its done.

So thats it! Thats a full detailed plan of where we have been and where we plan to be next year.

Although I forgot to mention that Syracuse NY Comic Con is rapidly approaching as well as Retrogamecon. So we have to get ready for that too, maybe call deadpool down from Vancouver to come help out.

Thanks for reading!

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