Super Billy Time II Breakdown

IMG_20171021_244613879.pngMan, it has been a good number of months since I devoted myself to making a stockpile of “found footage” to entertain the masses. About 11 exactly.

In November of 2016, I began a new rom hacking project, the sequel to Billy Time! Prior to that I tested out the Openbor engine in hopes of making the sequel a crazy beat em’ up in the same vain as The Simpsons by Konami.

The project failed miserably due to my lack of knowledge and steadily rising frustration. The demo still exists somewhere on my computer but I can assure you will never see the light of day unless I decide to return to it later on. Alot of new graphics were designed based on the graphics from the original but would be a shame for some of it to go to waste.

Anyways, I digress. I went back to what I knew and picked up lunar magic once more to continue my study of smw rom hacking. There were many resources to be found specializing in various techniques to ensure, a better looking game, a better playing game and most importantly, A radically different game from not only Mario World hacks, but to Billy Time as well.

Eventually I saw my drawing capabilities expand due to the want or need to shape the game into what I envisioned it to be. Right down to shape and color. I found myself able to speed draw a new character in one weekend and have em’ fully implemented.

On September 30th, Billy Time II was released after 10 months of development. Time passed on and lovely praise was sent my way, and I thank you very much. However, i have had a strange feeling that I wasn’t fully happy with my game. Sure, I missed a few small bugs and broke the rom several times, but I felt more needed to be done in order to truly capture the spirit of this zany, fast paced platformer.

Enter Super Billy Time II. I wrote about the expansion at length in my previous post of what was going to happen next for the channel, I was hoping to take time off afterwards but my gut feeling and under addiction to level editing and micromanagement pulled me back in to create what I personally feel is a magnum opus. Feel free to disagree after the breakdown. 😉

-7  New Characters bringing the total count to a whopping 17!

-18 endings total!

-3 Brand New Stages bringing the total count to 9

-as mentioned above, one such stage is a training level which holds amazing goodies.

-A revamped arcade that will have you counting your coins.

-New Game Mode, Victory Lap! Play through several levels of the game in one life. Exclusive to three characters. 

-In game tips to give you small nudges towards bigger secrets.

-More Secrets!

-New Shortcuts on the Overworld map

-Revamped routes for certain characters.

Lets get into Specifics.

Akeen: akeen icon
Well due to personal reasons, Dan is no longer a part of Billy Time, All I will say. Replacing him here is Akeen. Akeen has appeared in a few episodes of Billy Time, namely Marvel First Alliance Part 2 and Avengers Vs X-Men. He runs a Youtube Channel called Ritz Kaiden. A link is provided below.

Ritz Kaiden

Here Akeen plays as the sane member of the Four. Bill is excited and over eager, Kyle is snarky and hot headed, Mike is just plain nuts. Akeen balances the personality of the other three with his sharp wits and a couple doses of pure ego for good measure. I like to think of him as the winston of the team, probably the most capable in a bad situation.

Allen The Alien:allen icon
Allen is a character cut from the original release due to timing constraints, fully restored for Super. Allen is unique for having no available power ups to utilize.
This is a challenge character who can be accessed anytime to going back into the entrance pipe on any level using Akeen. Also, there is something about this Alien. I just don’t know what though. 😉

Kurt:kurt icon
Kyle’s Dad, ladies and gentlemen! The big oaf himself is promoted to the role of playable character this time around. He can be accessed by entering any entrance pipe as Kyle except for stage 2 and His game ends at stage 6. His moveset is similar to Mike’s with one small exception. ALL THE COINS AND POWERUPS ARE FOOD! YUM!

Tony:tony icon.png
Tony is a fantastic addition for the fact you just don’t know who’s side he is on. Every other character defines their alliances pretty well, some fight for good, some fight for evil, some fight for themselves. But with Tony everything is a mystery. Tony is accessed by completing Toxic Terrain, a brand new extremely hard level designed for Super.

It doesn’t get any easier as tony can only be selected at stage one, Utilizing Victory Lap mode rules where you must clear all stages in one life from all stages except for Sleepless Steel and Toxic Terrain. The game is finished after completing End Of The Road. More on that later. Tony uses a boomerang sword which can cut through just about any enemy.

Connor:connor icon
Our little blockheaded friend from the original Billy Time has returned! As a horrific block-human hybrid! Connor runs Jump School, the game’s training level of sorts. Its a mostly safe environment where you can learn to play in addition to earning some powerups, an extra live as well as Connor as a playable character!

Connor has an amazing ability to change powers on the fly with the select button, making him uber powerful in his own right against any enemy thrown at him. His game ends after stage 6.

Connor also offers hints at Kevin’s Arcade provided you have 75 coins when you enter.

Jon:jon icon.png
Bill’s Brother is the narrator of the game’s cutscenes. In Super however, Jon has the ability to join the fray when Bill heads to the final boss at stage 7. Jon must go through 6 of the 7 levels in one life as per Victory Lap rules. (Sleepless Steel is excluded from the lineup.)

Upon completion, Jon is allowed to continue on into Stage 8 – End of The Road. More on that later. Completing the game as Jon will offer a gnarly secret for future playthroughs.

Master Lord:masterlord icon.png
The Final Boss of Billy Time II is now featured as a playable character. However he is hidden away deep within the confines of the game and it will be up to you to find him!
Master Lord has the ability of temporary flight as a hidden powerup in his stages. His game ends at stage 6.

Joe:joe icon
This last character is hardest to write about considering the circumstances but will need to be addressed for the sake of clarity. Joe was a co-worker of mine at my real job.
Shortly after starting development last year, I would come by and show off pictures, videos and even demos of the original Billy Time II. Joe was excited about seeing new content and it became the highlight of his day according to his co-workers. One day Joe asked to be featured in the game in any capacity, Being thankful for his support, I happily agreed. I sent him texts on any and all developments regarding his stint as a special boss in stage 5 of Mike’s campaign. He gave his seal of approval and got to see footage and play a few demos while we were at it.

The highlight of his day was soon The highlight of mine. But it wasn’t to last.
Joe passed away back in august of this year, to my absolute shock and sadness.

I was asked to make sure Joe’s memory remains intact for years and years to come. A promise I intend to keep forever.

In memory of Joe, he has been upgraded to playable as the final character of Super Billy Time II. He can be accessed by entering the pipe in stage 1 as Bill. Joe follows Victory Lap rules and his game ends at stage 6. (Sleepless Steel is again, not included.) However his stages provide an easier access route and less stages making it a perfect introduction to the mode.

Joe has tremendous strength, Great People Skills and loves music and is naturally a good leader. We love ya pal!


Toxic Terrain:toxic

A Kyle exclusive level accessible after completing stage 2. Toxic Terrian is easily the hardest level is Super Billy Time II and features a few of the game’s biggest secrets. Completing this level offers huge rewards and will take you past a good chunk of the game. great for speed runners or masochists.

End Of The Road: ?
This stage was withheld from the original release due to time constraints as well and makes a full fledged return in Super. It is accessed only by Jon or Tony and features a nightmarish world and a few surprises that will scare the pants off you. Good Luck!

Your gonna need it!

Sure, there is much more to cover and maybe we will or maybe we won’t tell more. This is easily the largest game I have ever put together thus far which is crazy considering this is only my second foray into rom hacking. I hope this will give the game a very long shelf life and will be enjoyed by everyone for a good amount of time.

I hope to amaze, astound, and entertain you when we release in November.

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