Happy New Year and 2017 Retrospective.

2017 was a very productive year for us at Billy Time!

For starters, we have our fancy new website that went up in May. It is now the ultimate hub for just about everything we do and allows our guests to find our content quick and easy!

We launched our new YouTube channel where we honestly just let loose and just focus on the game rather than the comedy aspects of Billy Time.

Billy Time: Phase Three:
It was the tail end of the last season but I have to give it props as we end on for A WHOLE YEAR! Exhausting? Yes. But worth it. It truly was the gold standard of Billy Time for a variety of reasons. Boy did it leave of a feel good note, we would be content if the show ended then and there. But we did say we would be back and to be fair, we never really went away.

Mini Game Island & Don’t Do It Dan:
Finally, we made several video games! First off is Mini Game Island which was a offshoot of a game called Don’t Do it Dan. A crude game made in 8 hours where I simply just vented at the less than wholesome actions and lack of decision making.

It really is just the worst. I have no plans to release that one in the foreseeable future. But of the few people who had played it, It was surprisingly very well received and they asked for more short games. Off that concept, Mini Game Island was born.

The whole purpose of the game was to market a new franchise outside of the usual Billy Time fare. Pilfer Panda was my Idea of a lovable rogue as an animal mascot. An idea that honestly went off the deep end in the early 2000s with such characters as Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Blinx The Cat, Croc, Gex, Spyro…etc. You get the idea, THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! So it feels more of a homage rather than a parody.

Technoir was an Idea towards a darker cyber punk thriller set in a unspecified dystonia future. The Idea came from a magnificent youtube video I saw called well… Technoir by Gunship.

Koga is our hero fighting to escape to the lost city of Technoir whilst in pursuit from the villainous Crossbone Jones. Both characters appear in Mini Game Island. While the mini game in question feels like a bootleg version of ice climbers on NES, If a full game is created expect the end result to be radically different from its predecessor.

Billy Time Battle Arena is just a stock survival mode. It is very entertaining and does have a few interesting concepts, Its just not breaking the mold unlike its previous entry in the series, more on that later. 😉

Metal Romancer (Or Mechromancer if you like puns) Is a throwback to games such as Gradius and R-Type, while the basics are there, I cannot see anyone playing this game for hours. Even if the concept is good, there are many features missing that even NES games had. I would like to explore this further, even if it means building it on a new engine.

Billy Time II and Super Billy Time II:

And then there was Super Billy time II, an amazing game. Only it was rushed and hindered with more bugs than a one star motel. After I gave out cartridges, It came to my attention that there were a few game breaking bugs still in the game. Which pissed me off to no end because I really should have known better.

In Hindsight:

I usually stray away from doing much of a traditional Mario Platformer  featuring Mario because it has all been done before. Mario leaves his house to save the day because “Reasons”. I have to challenge myself and create something new. Like making a car out of play-doh or making a raisin into a salty vegetable puree. Its nonsensical, non-sensible, impractical and outright insane at best. But that is how people remember you. Dare to Fail and follow your dreams, no matter the cost. A trend that will continue in 2018 for Billy Time!

Speaking of Which, Lets outline some of our plans for the next year, Shall we?

Billy Time: Phase Four.
We will be re-recording alot of footage as alot of stuff was rendered unusable. Brother Time was probably the best episode we had for the season that was salvageable thanks to my wonderful brother, Jon and the infamous Blade Burger Sketch. Which we will be expanding upon in the future. I offer no timetable for when this all goes down, expect pieces of the season to drop whenever. All remaining members are on board and willing to throw down to make this season memorable. We have a rough idea for a setlist that will be knocking some socks off. We will keep you informed as we go.

Billy Time! – The Video Game
Over the next few months, I will be allocating resources to make a limited cart run of Billy Time 1 on SNES for really any local store willing to take it. I go with the first game as it is largely complete and bug free while still being a fresh take on the platformer genre while offering a multitude of levels and a complex treasure hunt that leads to on of the craziest endings I have thought up thus far. Again, will be keeping you informed.

Billy Time Live!
I promise with this next year to be more active in filming content for both channels and continue to grow this one especially as it does feel naked. Big hopes for Claire Scenario B in Resident Evil 2 so we can wrap up the zombie nonsense.

Billy Time Merch Shop:
We will be offering more T-shirt designs and more products through inktale, expect a price drop as well because we want you to afford these so you can help me pay the bills! lol

Tonight, I will be teaming up with Akeen. Founder of Ritz Kaiden as we will be playing fighting games and shilling whatever to the masses to end the new year! I will be bringing some new equipment to this party as well.

Finally I am proud to announce….

Ultra Billy Time II
I used to joke about Capcom making updates for their updates. turns out I am really no better.  After a few emergency patches to Billy Time II, It became clear that the best course of action would be to continue support for this game in the near future. It really is a massive game and I keep a notebook with all sorts of information to keep me from getting lost. Impressive for a game that is no bigger than most mp3 files.

But it felt a bit unfair to just patch up some bugs and wipe my hands clean. I wanted to offer more to the fans for having to put up with the game crashing, getting stuck in dead ends and having some character paths incomplete by accident.

That said, We will introduce Four more Characters to bring the final tally to 21.
Thats it, no more. We are squeezing the last bit of room we have left, pushed to the absolute limit. It is all for you. 🙂

Roll Call!

The big guy who owns the arcade is finally making his debut! More than likely he will be found at the normal select screen, his game ends at Stage 6.

The Bushwookie:
Also making his long awaiting debut! This Big Monster can be accessed via entrance pipe on most of Mike’s Levels giving our Big 4 an alternate character selection. His game Also ends at Stage 6.

John Cena:
Oh man, this one was difficult yet ingenious. I had almost no idea how to implement Cena past the point where he exits the story. My brain responded, why bother?

So Big Match John is available for only one meager stage, Stage 1. But the idea of a mirror match that was self aware too good to pass up. With that, All bosses will be playable as of Ultra. Its so good to be bad!

Princess Shelby:
Another Cannon Immigrant. I felt that Billy Time II was a total sausage fest and needed more female representation. Although we do have one female already it still feels like a cop out. Shelby is Important not only because she is a pretty lady and my pretty lady in real life but because she will appear down the road in Billy Time III making her more or less and non-cannon what if as far as Billy Time II is concerned.

What is also important is that Shelby is no damsel in distress, she has a thug side and will hit you just as hard if not harder than any of the guys every could and will be playable not only here but in BTIII whenever I decide to make it, so expect a sequel hook thrown in somewhere. Shelby’s game ends at Stage 6. She can be can be found on the main character select screen.

On top of that, expect more bug fixes, touch ups and easter eggs and eventually a new T-shirt for what I feel will be the definitive and final version of Billy Time II. I can say with great certainty after what more than likely will be a year and half worth of development that it will be a tough act to follow.

Happy New Year everyone! Good Tidings and Cheer to all of you around the world!



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