Ultra Billy Time II Breakdown

On December 31st I announced my plans to expand upon Super Billy Time II as a way of continuing support for the game, whether It meant features or Bug Fixes. I felt ashamed that I gave out a few bugged copies to some of our local youtubers not knowing that there was still much more work to do.

So It started with eliminating any game ending bugs as that was first priority. Then after clearing out the bugs, I started to take inventory on what space I had left. I keep a notebook detailing every graphic file, every level number and so on and so forth to help me navigate this behemoth. What I found was that I had much more space to work with than I had originally though.

So I went overboard. It was awesome. Twenty grueling days of relentless work. Drawing, level design, story design and anything else that would come to mind.
Today, I am here to break it all down for you.

It won’t be completely spoiler free so tread carefully.

I thought I had screenshots but I guess I don’t so we will have to forgo that. My bad.

4 New Characters:
Kevin, the arcade shopkeeper is now available at the start of the game. Sometimes he can gain access to hammers which allow him to destroy anything within its arch’ed path. Aside from that. Not much else. His game ends at stage 6.

The Mighty Bushwookie is finally playable although he has no other powers aside from being big and strong. He tried our hardest to get him to chuck bombs but it caused some severe and strange bugs so it was removed.  He is accessed through mike’s levels in the same manner as Kurt, Joe, and Allen. His game ends at stage 6 as well.

Princess Shelby is by far one of my favorite Characters in this expansion. By pressing and holding L, you have the power to slow down time!!! Her story can be considered non canon as we have a plan to debut her properly later down the road. Her game also ends at stage 6.

Finally we have John Cena! BUR BUR BUR BURRRR! BUR BUR BUR BURRRRR!!!! Sorry.
Big Match John is available in Bill, Kyle, Akeen and Mike’s first stage via a secret path. or as secret as it can be. John has a double jump and his game ends after the first stage. He really doesn’t factor into the story past the first stage so we thought it would be best to expand it as little as possible. Fun fact: He does have a rival in the bushwookie. Maybe that could be worth expanding on later down the road.

These four characters bring the player count to 21! NICE! their levels have been carefully crafted to ensure that the stages are shaken up between characters.

1 Brand new episode: Stellar Skyrise is access by completing a game at the second arcade. It features charging chucks featured to look like cops and many many pitfalls.
The boss of this stage is none other than Brian. It can be played by Bill or Kyle only.

7 New Endings: Beating Stellar Skyrise with Bill or Kyle leads to an alternate ending. The four new characters have endings as well as a new secret ending for Mike. Because I really like his character for some dumb reason. :p
Our total count for endings now sits at 25. Impressive.

New stuff at the arcade: Kevin’s Arcade now offers some more content and touch ups to improve the experience. First off is the rain outside the second building and a color change to differentiate the two buildings.

Secondly is the new game ThrowBack. It features a remake of Billy Time 1’s Oceanside. The first level of the original game with some neat changes. Bushwookie is still the boss here so not much has been changed.
I think we have yoshi mike tucked in the game somewhere too.

Next up is Post Malone, yes. yes. based off the rapper of the same name. Not much to say here and once you see it, you’ll feel the same way. ;p

Rebalanced levels: After an extreme amount of level auditing I have come to the conclusion that many of the game’s levels needed an overhaul.

So now many of the game’s stages work again or have been refitted to have more coins or enemies or power up and less unfair jumps. more secret paths while still keeping individuality between characters. Toxic Terrian has a new version of Tony as a boss as the original was brutally unfair. I could barely beat him, now he is a boomerang bro with a sword instead of a boomerang.

We have new tooltips too! There basically tell you where exits are and give you hints at your objective in places where it isn’t really clear. The main offenders are Stage 3 and 6. I still promise to never make an evil stage like sleepless steel again. Sorry Tyler.

Finally, we plugged more secrets into the game for folks in order to push the idea that anything can happen in this game. ontop of that we implemented more hints at secrets via Connor hints when you beat the game with certain characters to give you more incentive to keep playing. Our main goal is to keep you coming back! We hope you will stay awhile.

Finally, I will need me some beta testers who can use an emulator to scrounge for any game ending bugs. Level design can be fixed, sound design cannot unfortunately due to the game’s sound engine being 90% duct tape. Time is of the essence though as I want to release the game around valentine’s day to commemorate the 3rd year anniversary of Billy Time!

Once we have the entire game as polished as can be. I have no qualms against releasing it to the masses. Sooner than projected even. Contact me via email or facebook and I’ll hook you up!

Until next time my Billy Timers!

PS: I still have some cover art to do. lol

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