Not exactly a defined word among any dictionary currently but lets go over an example real quick to help explain the meaning of this term.

Say you watch The Simpsons, you drink beer. Homer drinks Duff brand beer. You want to drink the same beer Homer drinks. One day, you come across Duff beer, exact label and all. All of a sudden, Duff beer is real and your head is spinning at the revelation. Makes sense? Good, hopefully. I’m not working on making fictional beer real though, I haven’t had an drop of alcohol in 4 years.

However we are working on making something else real.

More background context, If you played Billy Time! – The Video Game (which you can find here on the site by the way.) our hungry narrator talks about his love for Rubens.
Yes, the sandwich. Corn beef, swiss, Russian or Thousand Island dressing depending on preference and sauerkraut. He goes further admitting his desire for a Ruben level.

This one line had ramification I had not previously anticipated. But then again neither did the many bugs that had originally plagued the game.

A few weeks ago I talked with Nekumore as part of a developer interview. I can’t remember if this detail came up on camera but he inquired about a Ruben level. I said sadly no.

Before we move on, here is the link to his channel. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe.  He will be publishing a review for both games as well as the interview in question.


Also check out WebCamNick, both gentlemen have really gone out of the way for me and continue to inspire me to keep going when I would have quit long ago otherwise.


Where was I? Oh yeah.

Billy Time II is getting a new level!


Its still a work in progress but the premise is simple. You play as Brian, The Bad Guy that makes you cry. He is escaping the city on a cruise ship which has been taken over by killer sandwiches. How did they get on the boat? Are they really that harmless? Where is the boat going? Maybe those questions will be answered. The level features no bottomless pits but has water and lava and a few cool twists as well as its own alternate ending. THATS RIGHT! Going for the game’s 26th ending. I really need to make a guide for the game one of these days.

In addition I will be going over the game and adding new text where needed. Cutscenes with no button prompts will be addressed. We will attempt to specify what characters can double jump or not to clear any confusion. Plus anything else that comes to mind.

I’m down to probably less than 10 available levels of freespace in the game’s rom. So I held off for something that would be big, just in case.

This is it, tell anyone from here on out the rumors are true or at least, will be true. (Knock on wood.)

Don’t know about the release date for this new update, things are gearing up in my personal life but I hope the wait will be short.

So yeah, there is my late night ramble for you. In meantime Billy Time II is available here at alongside my various other projects.

See you next time and Happy Belated Easter! 🙂


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