Sleep not Guaranteed.

So if anybody follows the facebook page, I posted an image teaser of an upcoming level for Billy Time II.

the abyss

The Abyss is accessible through an alternate route at stage 6 on the overworld.

I am pretty much tapped on space unless I go back and meticulously take out any graphics that went unused.

I’d like to think I out did myself with this one. First and formost, don’t expect too much story from this level. In fact, don’t expect to find an ending for this level in game. Instead we are preparing something special for anybody who can complete the stage.

The rest will be a surprise like never before.

The new update will launch once our surprise is ready.
Now for more Surprises!

I have been working on new projects, tech demos if you will to gauge my skill and ability while continuing to challenge myself with each game. I don’t like to do a new game if there wasn’t something new I could do. These past few weeks has given me a sense of clarity as to whats next. I will now break that down into four points.

Phase Four:
Possibly the biggest and most drawn out task ahead of me is a new season of Billy Time. Me and my pals have had a list of special games we were going to play on the show but were held off until a later date. I can’t say this will be the last of Billy Time videos, but we are going to pretend like its our last hoorah!

Side note, I intend to film more Billy Time Live Videos as well as music playthroughs.

Billy Time Arcade:

This is a fun one. BTA is an FPS. A modification of Doom using GZDoom and hopefully Zandronum. A campaign may still happen here but I want to focus on a survival mode and possibly multiplayer.

Most of the ground work is done, Six characters with their own weapons and abilities. This project has been in progress on and off since march.


(P.S.: Those guns shoot lasers, will be blood free if I can help it.)

The Punisher:

Yeah, you heard right. I’m branching out and combining what I do with something I love. Marvel Comics baby!  After losing his family in a mob hit gone wrong, Frank Castle becomes a deadly vigilante who will stop at nothing to expunge the criminal element from the world. One Bullet at a time.

The Punisher will be a mismash of new ideas, ranging from contra inspired gameplay, fps mazes similar to what you have seen in fester’s quest (A fatally flawed game with great music.). As well as quick time events. Some progress has been done. Frank’s sprite sheet is at 90% along with a title graphic, the background to our first stage as well as some miscellaneous items. This one will be interesting as I hope to add to it as I go along. I am very much open to suggestions as to what characters and plots you want to see. Its a celebration of all things Punisher, no need for continuity or exact details as I can safely confirm that this will not be be considered to take place in Marvel 616, MCU, Ultimate, MAX, Marvel Zombies, Amalgam or even a Billy Time Universe. Its just its own thing. So hit me up!


(tried my hand at replicating a background from Streets of Rage. Not bad at all.)



Marvel Quiz Quest :

Quite possibly the easiest game to make. Marvel quiz quest is a fun idea I cooked up to make use of the cutscene engine that was halfway used in Billy Time II.

The idea here is that you go through 7 stages, Obtaining the Infinity Gems on route to a showdown with Thanos, The Mad Titan. Test your knowledge of all things Marvel in what may be the most barebones trivia quiz you may ever see. Or it could be amazing and we go from there. 😉


So thats it! Thanks for reading and I hope to tell you more real soon. In the meantime. Its back to work.


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