2019 in Review, Goals for 2020

Hello again everybody! Long time no chat. I assure you, I have been here. Just toiling away behind the scenes.

2019 was a very successful year for Billytime.com. However it was a rough year for me personally. So there is quite a lot to digest as I type multiple paragraphs. Hopefully the calm soothing sound of chrono trigger’s harp shall concentrate my thoughts into something cohesive.

This past year has seen the release of Iron Man Doom which by my records has been a smash hit and sees weekly downloads over any other offering on Billytime.com! I had one friend come over and have trouble putting it down. Impressive for such a short project!

Next up I did Pokemon – God Mode. My God Mode patches aren’t much in the way of good design but they seem like good ideas at first for someone who just wants a quick and cheap earned power fantasy in their favorite games. Pokemon Red and Blue were no exception. Certainly not as popular as Mario/Zelda/Sonic God Modes but whatever. It was something to do.

My buddy Kyle got in on the fun too, releasing his level pack for Mega Man Maker. The game and his levels are both highly underrated and I feel we will need to dedicate some stream time for this particular creation to drum up interest. (More on that in a bit!)

Streets of Rage 2 – But Max is The Only Good Character is yet another power fantasy hack I cooked up out of anger at SOR2. To be fair, SOR2 is a piece of cake until you goof around with harder difficulties. I admit, that was exactly what I was doing. This mod makes Mania Mode the preferred difficulty for MAX-IMUM (Pun Intended) enjoyment.

Grocery Storm was an Idea I had been cooking up for 4 years now. Again, a hack made in six hours (YES, SIX HOURS) to spite my awful neighbor (More on that in a bit). Nothing much more than stay alive and rack up that score. Some folks I found don’t need anything crazier that basic gameplay. I’m all too happy to cater to that kind of gamer.

Iron Man – Mushroom Avenger was an expansion on Iron Man II for SNES. Same gameplay concept but with new levels and a story to go along with it. A game developed in a week to see how far I could push my abilities on the SNES. My own little Tech Demo of sorts. Its not as popular as its Doom brethren but I consider it one of my crown jewels.

Well that and this project….

Addams Family Values – Afterlife Edition started in October 2018 as an slightly less experienced Bill started searching for Pro Action Replay codes, which then turned into searching for Game Genie codes. Then once I heard from a user on GameFAQS by the name of Jlukas, It was off to the races! I studied ASM code straight from a debugger and went from converting to game genie codes to straigh up hex editing. changing simple numerical and hex values to writing my own custom code! This is currently my finest work. Three patches for this game exist on Romhacking.net. I just urge you to look em up and play. You will find these superior to the base game released almost 26 years ago.

On top of these game releases, Billytime.com was given a shout out by John Riggs! How y’all feeling?

Our newest team member got to enjoy his first RetroGameCon and was able to meet Patricia Sommerset, Erica Luttrell, and even DAVID HAYTER! We made our first RetroGameCon in almost three years and had custom Billy Time gear made for us by Nekumore Studios and Headcolors which put a smile on my face everyday!

On top of that, We have returned to a weekly schedule for the first time in two years, streaming at 11pm est on tuesday nights on Twitch!

That is a pretty awesome year in review with most of what I can remember in the moment listed. However this year brought some of the toughest days of my life.




This year we moved into a new home where a nutty woman lived upstairs. Slamming doors and random times and night. Insulting me and my family within earshot every chance she got. Threatening violence, that time she stunk up the house with the stinkiest weed imaginable. She was any neighbor’s worst nightmare. Thankfully as of yesterday she is moved out. Not fully but Its quiet here at the house and I pray this 10 month nightmare has ended. She was so awful I made a game called Grocery Storm and made her the main character. It was two separate ideas originally but they went together like peanut butter and jelly.



Last August, My Uncle Shawn passed away after short battle with cancer. I knew him for most of my life. Hell, I was the ring bearer when he married my aunt. I may have only been three and kept setting off the fire alarm at the church but looking back made the thought all the more loving that I was the one tasked with delivering the ring that would join the two star crossed lovers in holy matrimony.

We would always crack jokes, play Wii Bowling and just have a good time. There was never any stress when he was around. His absence is felt everyday in that regard. I wish you were still here. Just one more joke to make you laugh so hard your face turns red. That would mean the world to me…




So, that was a lot to write and probably for you to take in. So, what is next?

Well this year marks the 5th Anniversary of Billy Time! Feb. 15th to be exact. It started the day after valentines day because I thought I was lonely. Truth be told I couldn’t quite remember. But I have a couple of gnarly surprises for you coming up next month. Expect the unexpected, expect some crazy stuff and expect some awesome stuff.

I’ll announce some new games or just drop them on you when they are release ready. I had a few ideas on a kid’s game. Something for little kids to enjoy. Other than that, I would like to return to my previous games and attempt to add new content as well as experiment with getting Billy Time games running on other consoles via homebrew and emulation.

So far we have seen playable state games run on the following:
Xbox 360
Nintendo Switch

Still to try:
Sega Dreamcast
Classic Xbox

If you get any of my other games running on your console, send us pics on the facebook page!

Anyways I have been writing all this for the past hour so I am going to skadoodle for the night. I shall see you again this tuesday night for more Billy Time Action! Till then, be there and be square!

P.S. (I forgot to mention a particular platform game coming up really soon. :P)

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