2020 – 5 years in!

We spent a lot of time talking about 2019, so much in fact I didn’t cover everything I was hoping to!

First and foremost we need to talk about how this year marks the 5th Anniversary of Billy Time! I cannot believe it either. I started filming Billy Time in September of 2014 while I was sick now less. Armed with nothing more than a bipod and an Iphone.

Since then, we have uploaded 263 videos. Lets go over the top 10 real quick!

10. Billy Time – Introduction Trailer – 146 Views
Our first trailer ranks in at number 10 with 146 views. I was self conscience about my voice sounding dumb when trying to maintain a Don Lafontaine voice so a pitched it down to the point where it sounded like Shao Kahn! At the end of the day, this was the start of something beautiful!

9. Billy Time! – RetroGamecon 2015 – 151 Views
Our first convention video! We were not well versed on convention rules at this point in time so we just shot footage just to shoot it. The hardest part of film at a convention is having a proper mic as well as good acoustics. We had neither so at points the audio is just terrible. Thankfully we learnt multiple lessons since then but I still value this video because it has a sweet AVGN cameo!

8. Halo 2 Phantom Map Pack – Mountain Madness – 151 Views
I like this video so much, even I come back to watch it now and again. Part of our “Phase Two” our second season of Billy Time is where we really started to find what we wanted out of this series and the kind of content we wanted to make. It also features some of our most timeless inside jokes. Watching this video 5 years later makes me feel like I have entered a time machine to a time where me and my buddies just did stuff without a care in the world!

7. Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy – Dan loves Ketchup! – 153 Views
Our first MK video! It was a goofy affair but one of the more enjoyable Phase One episodes. A good effort but the sequel video however….

6.Marvel Vs Capcom – Vapor Wave Dash – 189 Views
This one was an experimental video where I played games and music played in the background. I enjoyed it enough to make a few more videos like it but this one in particular is the reigning king!

5. Syracuse,NY Comic Con 2016 – 195 Views
Another convention video! This time at Syracuse,NY Comic Con! I got to meet Carey Means that year, got bopped on the head by cosplayers, made a THX joke and I cuddled with several men. Yes, they asked me first. lol

4. LA Cops – Spread Your Sh*t!– 204 Views
I really did not expect this to be ranked so high, much less be featured in the top 5. I simply had Dan come over and play some games with me before I ran off to work. I had the taste of Chocolate Milk in my mouth and it was a really hot summer day. I also made a few George Lopez jokes too! I like the video enough, surprised that you loved it.

3. Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy Pt.2 – 275 Views
Another Phase Two classic! While I am no longer on speaking terms with Dan, I will say that the man knew how to play Mortal Kombat and always provided me with a challenge. This video was wild! Absolutely Nuts! Our pal Dane joined in for a bit around this time, he has since moved away and I miss him so much. Fun Fact – Kevin really did leave during filming to go get pizza. Don’t know what possessed him to do that but its still gets me laughing thinking about it.

2. Marvel First Alliance 2 – Avengers Disassembly – 392 Views
The video that started it all! Our first ever recording! and it looks BAD! Sounds bad, probably smells bad too. But everything has a humble beginning and It really shows how far I have come as a content creator.

1.Brutal Doom – Vomiting Over Voxels – 655 Views
Our most popular video, Its divisive. Lot of likes and dislikes for this video. I will say that Doom players are quite the awesome fanbase! However I don’t care for this video like I used to. I simply outgrew it I suppose.

I have a feeling this list will change in due time. Our bread and butter as of late seems to be our RetroGameCon 2019 video as well as our Smackdown Videos. Again 2019 has been a good year.

But 2020, lets try and top it! For the 5th anniversary I want to give out a few prizes, maybe do some team up streams, even do a stream where we don’t even play anything!

Then I have some special video game related releases I want to push out. Nothing major, an update or two, some program addons. Oh and this guy!Bt3

Thats right, BT3. I am happy to announce that Billy Time 3 for SNES will launch February 15th! The 5th Anniversary of Billy Time! Currently I am polishing up the game as much as I possibly can. Probably need to take the time to Beta Test some more as well. But we are a month away so I still think I have plenty of time as the game itself is in very playable condition and has been such since November.

Billy Time 1 and II has been updated over the past few months with QoL updates to keep up with BT3. The engine is just that refined now.

Our Youtube channel has been updated to reflect our new milestone! Starting February 15th, the party shall truly begin!  I hope to see you there! 😀

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