Billy Time was conceived in late September of 2014 and first publicly aired on Youtube on February 17th, 2015.

We use a phone camera to record video games and sometimes screen capture in order to provide a different and rather lacking aesthetic. Since its inception, Billy time has enjoyed three seasons and other success in other ventures.

On July 6th, 2016 We released Billy Time – The Video Game.  While overshadowed with the release of Pokemon GO, we are still very proud to present yet a different take on the tried and true genre of platformers. In addition we have also Released Billy Time II which has been undergoing several big shakeups as of late in order to create the ultimate game.

As of March 7th 2019, we are now on Twitch! We stream live in the middle of every week and we play anything!

We still have yet a few more surprises up our sleeves so do check back when you can and check out the fantastic content we have to share with you. 🙂