Batman Eternity

Batman Eternity
May 10th, 2021
BillyTime! Games

Batman Eternity is a gameplay overhaul of Batman forever.
Its main goal is to remove all platform and puzzle elements from the game and focuses strictly on combat.

Changes Made:

Both Versions:
*Level 3 and 5 have been removed entirely
*Several layout changed have been made across all levels
*Batman and Robin start with 10 lives in Singleplayer, Co-op and competitive modes.
*Batman and Robin have all moves available and can be used at any time.
*The Riddler is unlocked in training mode by default.

Original Difficulty:
No health values have been modified and remain the same as the original game.

Scaling Difficulty:
All health values have been changed for all enemies in this version to be universal. After each level or at a Boss portion of each level, the health cap for enemies is gradually raised.

Enemy health caps at Level 7.

How to Patch:
1.Grab a copy of Batman Forever (World).md
2.Grab Floating IPS (
3.Patch your rom with the corresponding IPS file