Billy Time! – The Video Game

Released on July 6th, 2016. Billy Time for the SNES brought a crazier spin to the platforming genre with new moves, abilities, power-ups, secret levels, An original story as well as a twist ending.


(Updated: 5/18/2020) (Special thanks to borrachorecs for his findings!)
*Clipping isssues resolved in Jungle Boogie and Woodman stages
*Out of bounds issue resolved in Solid Gold stage
*Text box removed from stage 2 boss arena.

(Updated: 4/30/2020)
*SMB2 Super Jump ability has been fixed!
*Intro was added to Treasure Trove
*Water Block in The Final Countdown was removed
*Rainbow in Ice Cream party has been removed
*Ground in danger zone is no longer see through.
*Palette corrected on text box message in The Final Countdown
*Midways point stuck in the ceiling cleaned up in You Can’t See Me
*Pathing Issue corrected, Death Zone is now Accessible once more.
*Stinger sign is now no longer solid
*All intro text for Death Zone has been redone!
*Minus Text Removed at title
*Animated stars removed from title as they glitch when ereasing a file.

(UPDATED: 9/8/2019) (Billy Time Minus!)
**Expanded SRAM save function! now all lives, coins, powerups and reserves are now saved in addition to your progress!

(UPDATED: 8/26/2019) (Billy Time Minus!)
*Death trap in The Bone Zone has been fixed

(UPDATED: 8/15/2019) (
*Links for Billy Time Plus have been Updated.

(UPDATED: 4/17/2019) (Billy Time Minus!)
*9 New stages – The Master Levels are now available in the overworld.

(UPDATED: 3/31/2019) (Billy Time Minus!)

*Alternate path in Stage 1 added
*New VWF intros for every stage added!
*Arrow Indicators added to overworld
*New wall jump system added
*Story boxes removed to make room for layer 3 graphical upgrades
*Intro to stage 6 edited to prevent crashes
*No more silent bullet bills
*Camera retooled to allow looking up and down among other things.
*Save bug fixed where you can save while walking which Could corrupt saves. 


(UPDATED: 10/14/2018) (Billy Time Minus!)

*Midpoint bug in Stage one was removed. It can be used to skip the first half of the level and go directly to the boss fight.

(UPDATED: 5/28/2018) (Billy Time Minus!)

*Midpoint bug in Redux level two was fixed? I’m  pretty sure it was. Contact me if not. (9/24/18)

*Wall Kick sounds muted (No more sound glitches for real this time!)

*New Midway points have been added to Regular and Redux levels

*Overworld sprites for Bill and Kyle (Bill’s sprite is from BTII, Kyle was made specifically for minus.)

*Several graphic, level and submap bugs have been addressed.

*Added a few power ups to some harder stages in Redux levels

*Added a feature that removes Mike from your inventory after completing a level

*New victory text stating “Stage Clear” rather than “Course Clear”

*Changed overworld border text to tell players about the new save feature.
(It comes in handy for testing too!)

(UPDATED: 5/24/2018) (Billy Time Minus!)

*Jump sounds muted (No more sound glitches!)

*Bummer Bills no longer reward 1ups

*Safe Fall ability ported from Billy Time II (Pits are no longer instant death if you have health.)

*Camera System Ported from Billy Time II. (Camera moves with you rather than after hitting a screen boundary.)

*New Intro Logo colors (Gold!)

*Several graphic and gameplay bugs have been addressed.

(EDIT: This update or the one before seemed to have broke stage 3 slightly. You are supposed to be playing as mike yet you still appear on him and take damage when he is hit. Its so trivial that we decided to keep it.)


(UPDATED: 5/20/2018) (Billy Time Minus!)

*Opening Logo replaced with the one present in other Billy Time games
(ala Billy Time II)

*Status Bar replaced with one from Billy Time II.

*New backgrounds and color changes across several stages.
Ex. Stage 1 its new background from Billy Time II

*Credits Level removed, you may enter redux mode immediately after beating stage 7 (Final Stage)

*Debug castle submap removed. you may enter Death Zone Immediately after (Spoiler Ending)

*New palette animations

*Improved level layouts for the first 7 stages until redux mode. Enemy count has been reduced.   (Redux and Death Zone remain as is…..for now.)

*Kurt’s boss room has been modified in both normal and redux variants to try and prevent any cheap deaths.

*New and Improved TRIPLE JUMP!

*Muffled jump sounds to reduce audio glitches

*Press start on the overworld to SAVE AT ANYTIME!!!


(UPDATED: 2/25/2018)

*Fixed a few last minute graphical errors.

*Removed a portion of stage 5 to prevent any random crashes from now on. Same applies to its redux stage 5 counterpart.

(UPDATED: 9/4/2017) 

Whats New?:

*Color animation for many levels and Backgrounds!

*Updated the sprites for Dan and Brian’s boss fights

*Improved graphics and animation on various overworlds

*Increased sprite limit!

*Some new easter eggs to prepare you for Billy Time II!

(UPDATED: 6/18/2017) (Post Site launch Release)

Whats New?:

*Graphic Touch Ups

*New Raccoon Leaf Power Up

*Quality of Life Bug & Text Fixes