Ultra Billy Time II

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Billy Time II – City of Thieves is a Mario World Rom Hack for SNES, Development started Nov. 26, 2016 and was Released on September 30th, 2017.

Super Billy Time II – Its massive expansion was released on Nov. 18th, 2017.

Its even Bigger Expansion, Ultra Billy Time II was Released Feb. 17th, 2018 for Billy Time’s 3rd Anniversary!

The expansions dials up the playable character count to absurd levels, new stages have been added, more endings, more secrets, easter eggs, even cheat codes! This game is huge!!!

We always continue to update this massive game. If you find a bug, message us on facebook!



V.15 11.24.2019
*99 lives on game over bug finally fixed!

V.14 9.8.2019
**Expanded SRAM save function! now all lives, coins, powerups and reserves are now saved in addition to your progress!

V.13 6.12.2019
*Deadpool Level fixed (Extra Lives now appear)
*Graphical Fixes for the Sonic.EXE fight and Master Lord Stages
*Palette fixes for Master Lord
*Master Lord Stages 1 and 5 have been slightly remixed
*New gameplay tweaks
+Instant Item Box to player Transmission, Never miss your powerup again!
+U Jump ability added (Works similar to SM64, while heading in one direction, pull back and press jump for a boost!)
+Better hurt routine (revert back to super form if holding a fireball or leaf)

V.12 5.1.2019 (Experimental)
*Fixes various palette issues
*Fixed various graphic issues
*Various graphics enhancements
* New Character – DEADPOOL! (Available only on stage 1, game continues after his ending.)
*Better camera control
*Grabbing a powerup gives you a small window of invulnerability. Make it count!
*Arrow Indicators added to overworld

V.11 3/28/2019 (Experimental)
*Fixes various palette issues
*Fixed various graphic issues
*Fixes lava in Bowser’s Castle in the Mario Mania Mini Game
*NEW LOGO upon startup!
*Mega EXE boss room has been shuffled in an attempt to make the fight more difficult.
*Fixed a bug where you can save while walking on the overworld (Had the potential to corrupt saves.)

NOTE: Not sure when and how but super jump has been removed and any attempt to re-add it has been met with a resounding no so until I say so, consider it scrapped. 😦

V.10 3/13/2019 (Experimental)
*Fixes the stage not ending at The Abyss
*Fixes Press Select text on stage one being solid.

V.9 7/30/2018 (Experimental)
*Saving has been restored, press start to save at anytime on the overworld map.
*Holding up or down in game will allow the camera to pan to prevent leaps of faiths or unfair traps.
*Crash in Dane’s ending has been fixed
*Boss music has been changed due to crashes
*Star power up music has been removed due to glitches, same applies to John Cena’s Power overall.
*99 lives after game over glitch has been fixed.

Note: If you see any funky colors from kyle, bushwookie, allen, mike, dane, or Master Lord after collecting a fire flower or as player two. Feel free to message me. It was a fumble on my part and I’m chasing down any loose ends. Some colors are happy accidents and i have decided to keep like Brian.
V.8 6/9/2018
*NEW LEVEL has appeared on the map: The Abyss! (No further details will be given, please keep it spoiler free. Thank you.)

*New descriptions have been added to the blocks In Kevin’s Arcade to prevent any player confusion.

*Pathing and Graphical bugs have been addressed.

*Ultra EXE went to therapy for his bad neck and made a full recovery.

V.7: 4/8/2018

Several graphic glitches have been resolved
New text has been added to the character select screens identifying the characters special abilities.
Various New help text has been added to stage one to help you learn your individual powers as different characters outside of jump school.
Flavor text has been added to the select screen in sleepless steel
NEW LEVEL has appeared on the map: Rueben Cruise! (A solo level for Brian. Game ends after completing this stage.)
New alternate ending for Brian!
Revamped crash header to help prevent soft locks in case of errors (Teleports you straight to debug mode.)

Also I lost track of version revisions, that is why the website and readme don’t match up. lol

V.6: 2/25/2018 – 3/20/2018

*A few graphical fixes.

*path issues on the map have been resolved.

*Music changed for the intro to Stellar Skyrise. Now you know that the audio is held together by duct tape.
*Fixed the “I” in LIVE at the game’s title screen. (I had to do it Tyler, forgive me. lololol)
*Pathing issue causing a soft lock near Toxic Terrain has been corrected.
*Soft palette issues have been fixed.
*Anti Cheat message has been realliagned.
*Solid Message under Brian’s door in secret character select has been fixed.

V.5: 2/17/2018 (Happy Third Anniversary!)
*Several Fixes to level design, graphic errors, fatal errors across the entire game. (Very Stable this time around.)
*Overworld has been filled out more to look more lively.
*All Map pathing issues have been addressed. (End of The Road can now be accessed plus new alternate paths!)
*4 NEW CHARCTERS! (21 in total)
*A NEW EPISODE! Stellar Skyrise!
*7 NEW Endings! (25 in total.) (Some are NEW alternate endings!)
*SONIC.EXE on Sleepless Steel has been NERFED! HARD! (Much easier for all players alike now.)
*Tony boss has been replaced therfore NERFing him too.
*New tooltips have been added ingame to help you at tougher, more confusing portions of the game.
*Endgame hints have been added for certain characters, directing you towards secrets featured in game.
*Much more than I so happen to forget when I was typing this.

V.4: 12/21/2017
*Game crash at Stage’s 6’s Boss has been fixed.
*Puzzle Pistols has been SUPER nerfed. It should be much easier to complete now.
*New secret added to Puzzle Pistols.
*Nerfs and Secrets have been added to Akeen & Mike’s Stage 5 & 6 to give players less of a hard time.
*Modified instructions and some level changes have been added to Jump School. Learn how to Power Jump!
*Two Player Color errors have been fixed.(For Now)
*Lights on Overworld Buildings are less likely to strain eyes or cause a seizure.
*Sign added to Overworld near Sleepless Steel to note that YES, you can go to Toxic Terrain instead.

v.3: 12/19/2017
*Game ending bugs in Jump School and Toxic Terrain have been addressed.
*Sleepless Steel and The BriScraper have added hints to help stumped players.
*Debug Mode has been disabled on most levels. (It still exists but you have to find it.)

v.2: 11/18/2017
*Several Ingame graphic and gameplay errors were corrected.
*3 Brand New Stages (Jump School, Toxic Terrain, End Of The Road)
*7 Brand New Characters to bring the player count to 17! (Jon, Allen, Master Lord, Tony, Joe, Kurt, Connor)
*7 Brand New Endings bringing our total count to 18 various endings.
*Tweaked graphics and colors across all stages and some menus.
*Slightly bigger rewards for completing Arcade Games
*A more complete two player mode
*Removed saves from title screen (Its a short game anyways.)
*Several More secrets Including alternate paths, cheat codes and random hijinx.
*Sonic.EXE moves faster in Stage 3! o_0′
*Victory Lap mode, Race across several stages of the game in one life. (Applies to Only to Jon, Joe, and Tony.)
*Connor Hints at the Arcade for 75 coins
*Sell Power block Available at the Arcade
*The Arcade got a makeover.
*Dane’s Stages have been heavily revised. (His levels were severely undertested and did not perform to the level I wanted. Now it is.)
*Akeen replaces Dan as the third member of the BillyTime crew. (He is currently my favorite character.)
*Revised cutscene text (To save space, edit for taste as well as prevent possible crashes.)

V.1: 9/30/2017
*Inital Release (Looks good up here Huston!)

8/15/2017 – World Premiere of Billy Time II’s wacky trailer. Watch it here!
Billy Time II Trailer