Billy Time Games!

Welcome to the revamped page for Billy Time Games! Here we feature our catalog all on one page rather than clog the main menu bar. Scroll Through and see If you find something you like!

Note: Two games are missing from this list, One is hidden in Billy Time II while the other will remain unreleased. So our tally may not match yours. Thank you for you time. 🙂

Billy Time Plus! – Platformer (Originally Released Jun. 2016)


Billy Time II – Platformer (Originally Released Sept. 2017)


Mini Game Island – Compilation (Originally Released Dec. 2017)


Marvel Quiz Quest – Trivia (Originally Released May 2018)


Thanos Reigns – Platformer (Originally Released Aug. 2018)


Iron Man – Shoot to Thrill! – Platformer (Originally Released Aug. 2018)


Iron Man II – Platformer (Originally Released Aug. 2018)


Iron Man 3 – Platformer (Originally Released Aug. 2018)


ZAMN Survival – Top Down Shooter (Originally Released Aug. 2018)


SF2 Realism Edition – Fighting (Originally Released Aug. 2018)


Iron Man 4 -Platformer (Originally Released Aug. 2018)

Iron Man 4

Iron Man V -Platformer (Originally Released Aug. 2018)

Iron Man V

Bart – Story (Originally Released Oct. 2018)


Adam Sandler’s Ghostbusters II – Action (Originally Released Oct. 2018)

box art

Zelda – God Mode – Action RPG (Originally Released Nov. 2018)


Billy Time Rush – Arcade Platformer (Originally Released May 2018)

Iron Man Portable – Platformer (Originally Released December 2018)
iron man portable

Iron Man Portable 2 – Platformer (Originally Released December 2018)
iron man portable 2

Thanos Reigns II – Platformer (Originally Released December 2018)ZAMN

Eternal Champions – Realism Edition – Fighting (Originally Released December 2018)realism

Resident Evil – Realism Edition – Survival Horror (Originally Released December 2018)Resident Evil - Realism Edition

Super Mario – God Mode Patches – Platformer (Originally Released December 2018 and March 2019)

Iron Man Doom – First Person Shooter (Originally Released February 2019) (Happy 4th Birthday! BillyTime!)

Pokemon – God Mode – RPG (Originally Released June 2019)
godmode cover
Mega Man Maker Level Packs – Platform (Originally Released July 2019)

Streets Of Rage 2 – But Max Is The Only Good Character – Beat Em’ Up (Originally Released August 2019)
Sor 2 Max Edition