Billy Time Games!

Welcome to the revamped page for Billy Time Games! Here we feature our catalog all on one page rather than clog the main menu bar. Scroll Through and see If you find something you like!

Note: We are going through a game remoderation. Roms have been converted to BPS patches and certain game hacks have been delisted.

If you are looking for some of our other hacks, check here: Goofy Hacks
If you are looking for SRAM Patches, Check here: SRAM Patches
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Billy Time Plus! – Platformer (Originally Released Jun. 2016)billytimelabelBilly Time II – Platformer (Originally Released Sept. 2017) ( Exclusive!)billytime2labelMarvel Quiz Quest – Trivia (Originally Released May 2018)marvelquizquestIron Man Doom– FPS (Originally Released January 2019)
Iron Man – Mushroom Avenger -Platformer (Originally Released September 2019)Iron Man Mushroom AvengerAddams Family Values – Afterlife Edition – Action RPG (Originally Released October 2019)
addamsHotline Miami 2 Custom Campaigns and Levels – Action (Originally released Feb. 2020)
hotlineBilly Time III – Losers In Time – Platformer (Originally Released Feb 2020)
( Exclusive!)
Bt3Addams Family Values – Boss Rush – Action RPG (Originally Released December 2019)
AFVBossrushAddams Family Values – The Gauntlet – Action RPG (Originally Released March 2020)
addamsgauntletpdnThe Addams Family – Afterlife Edition – Action Platformer (Originally Released April 2020)
addamsadT2 – Arcade Remix – Light Gun (Originally Released April 2020) ( Exclusive!)
t22Out To Lunch – Refried – Platformer (Originally Released April 2020)
( Exclusive!)
Wolverine – Feral Instinct– Action Platformer (Originally Released May 2020)
wolvEternal Champions – Special Edition – Fighting (Originally Released June 2020)
EC Label
Ultimate Superman – Action (Originally Released June 2020)
superman label
Eternal Champions  – Challenge From The Dark Side AI Nerf– Fighting (Originally Released June 2020)
box art
Time Capsule – Utility (Originally Released August 2020) ( Exclusive!)
Time Capsule
The Punisher – Final Payback – On Rails Shooter (Originally Released August 2020) ( Exclusive!)
pun label
Hyper Street Fighter II AI Nerf – Fighting (Originally Released August 2020)
Mortal Kombat II AI Nerf – Fighting (Originally Released August 2020) ( Exclusive!)
MK 2 Label
Maximum Carnage – RECUT – Beat Em Up (Originally Released August 2020) ( Exclusive!)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance RED & BLUE Patches – Action RPG (Originally Released September 2020) ( Exclusive!)

The Addams Family – Improved Controls – Platformer (Originally released October 2020)
Addams Afterlife MD
Sonic – Ring Revision Patches – Platformer (Originally released October 2020)
sonic 1 Label
Addams Family Values – Afterlife MD – Action RPG (Originally Released October 2020)

Revenge Of Shinobi Improvement – Action (Originally Released October 2020)
shinobi label
Aladdin BT Remix – Action Platformer (Originally Released November 2020) ( Exclusive!)
Aladdin label
Super Smash TV Arcade Remix MD – Top Down Shooter (Originally Released December 2020) ( Exclusive!)
Spider-Man/X-men – Arcade’s Redux – Action Platformer (Originally released December 2020)
SX label
Pac-man 2 – The Arcade Games – Arcade (Originally released January 2021)
pacman2 label
WWF Raw Improvement – Sports (Originally Released February 2021) ( Exclusive!)
Earthworm Jim – Not Petey Puppy – Platformer (Originally Released February 2021) ( Exclusive!)
EWJ Label
WWF Royal Rumble Improvement – Sports (Originally Released February 2021)
WWF Royal Rumble Label Template
X-Men – Children of The Atom Playable Akuma and Bosses ( Exclusive!)
WWF Rage In The Cage – No More Tug of War – Sports (Originally Released April 2021) ( Exclusive!)

Virtual Bart Redux – Other (Originally Released April 2021)

Castlevania – Bloodlines Alt Control – Action Platformer (Originally Released April 2021)

Vectorman – Weapon Select – Action Platformer (Originally Released April 2021)

Vectorman 2 – Weapon Select – Action Platformer (Originally Released April 2021)

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – Ocean Wave – Sandbox (Originally Released April 2021)

Batman Eternity – Action (Originally Released May 2021)
Ultimate Chakan – Action Platformer (Originally Released May 2021)
Chakan Label

Ultimate Gargoyles – Action Platformer (Originally Released July 2021)

Wolverine – Adamtantium Redux – Action Platformer (Originally released July 2021)

Resident Evil 2 – Power Knife – Survival Horror (Originally released July 2021)