Custom Made Cheat Codes

It seems that no cheat site aside from Gamefaqs will take me but nobody searches the retro game section anymore So I have decided to maintain a page for any custom Game Genie or Pro Action Replay Codes I come across.

These are either brand spanking new codes or they were ported to a different region of the same game or they were modified from existing codes.

Anyways with that out of the way…..

Addams Family Values (U) PAR
No Bowling Ball Cooldown: 7E19FF:00

Addams Family Values (U) Game Genie
No Bowling Ball Cooldown: C22E-1404

Inspector Gadget (U) PAR
Infinite Hat: 7E1592:FF
Gadget’s punches go way further: 7E0996:75
Start With All Items: 7E159C:FF
Float down after jumping: 7E093C:01
Max Lvl. Plunger: 7E15A2:04
Max Lvl. Hand: 7E15AE:04
Max Lvl. Arrow: 7E15A4:04
Max Lvl. Mini Men: 7E15AA:04
Max Lvl. Blue Propeller: 7E15A6:04
Max Lvl. Lamp: 7E15AC:04
Max Lvl. Bomb: 7E159E:04
Max Lvl. Red Propeller: 7E15A8:04
Max Lvl. Anvil: 7E15A1:04

Inspector Gadget (U) Game Genie
Powerups Give you max stats and never disappear: CEDB-8DF6
Start With 99 Hat: 1746-E7D7
(The following codes work only when you obtain at least one of each item.)
Start With Three Hand: DF4C-E407
Start with Three Arrows: D74B-E767
Start with Three Blue Copters: DF4C-E4D7
Start With Three Lamps: DF4C-EFA7
Start With Three Mini Men: DF4C-EF07
(The Following codes work best combined with the Start With…. codes.)
Always Have Max Level Hand: DF4C-EDD7
Max Blue Copters, Invincibility & Perma Flight:
Start with Three Red Copters MAXED:
MAX Arrow Level:
Start With Three Bombs MAXED:

Marvel Super Heroes – War Of The Gems (U) PAR
Have All Infinity Gems: 7FFF17:FF
Always Have Time Gem Effect: 7ED6FE:A4

(These Next Four Codes Cannot Be Combined)
Always Have Power Gem Effect: 7E3F58:03
Always Have Space Gem Effect: 7E3F58:02
Always Have Soul Gem Effect: 7E3F58:04
Always Have Reality Gem Effect: 7E3F58:05

Zelda No Densetsu Kamigami No Triforce  (J) Game Genie

Note: These codes were ported from the US zelda using Shex and codes from

Start With Bow: DFEC-0FBD
Start With Lvl.1 Boomerang: DFEC-0F2D
Start with Lvl.2 Boomerang: D4EC-0F2D
Start with Hookshot: DFEC-04FD
Start with 50 Bombs: 74EC-049D
Start With Mushroom: DFEC-04BD
Start with Magic Power: D4EC-04BD
Start With Fire Rod: DFEC-042D
Start With Ice Rod: DFEC-07FD
Start With Medalion 1: DFEC-079D
Start With Medalion 2: DFEC-07BD
Start With Medalion 3: DFEC-072D
Start With Lamp: DFE8-0DFD
Start With Hammer: DFE8-0D9D
Start With Shovel: DFE8-0DBD
Start With Bug Net: DFE8-0D2D
Start With Book: DFE8-0FFD
Start With Red Cane: DFE8-0FBD
Start With Blue Cane: DFE8-0F2D
Start With Cape: DFE8-04FD
Start With Magic Mirror: DFE8-049D
Start With Gloves: DFE8-04BD
Start with Golden Gloves: D4E8-04BD
Start with Boots: DFE8-042D
Start with Flippers: DFE8-07FD
Start with Moon Pearl: DFE8-079D
Start with Blue Tunic: DFEA-0D9D
Start with Red Tunic: D4EA-0D9D
Pegusus Boots at All Times: DDB4-DF2E
Boots Have no charge time: 45B8-DD2A
Boomerang and Hookshot Permastun: 8234-AF26
Walk over Pits (Hold L): E425-DF9E
Walk over Pits (Hold L): DD25-DFBE
Walk over Pits (Hold L): 4D25-D4FE
Inf. Revives: 6DEF-DD39
Inf. Revives: 7EE0-DD39
Ice Isn’t Slippery: 7D23-079A
Pyrimid Wall Open: CB38-D4D8
Pyrimid Wall Open: 1438-D408
Pyrimid Wall Open: 6238-D468
Pyrimid Wall Open: 2838-D4A8
Pyrimid Wall Open: 3C38-D708
Lift Rocks and Boulders: 6D2F-D7B2
Run and Swim: EEE2-072D
Dark Caves Lit: 406A-0FD6
Dark Rooms Lit: 6365-64AC
Dark Rooms Lit: 8A6A-A46C

Resident Evil – Deadly Silence Action Replay:

Die in 1 Hit (Except with Crawling Zombies):
2213ADB6 00000000
22144C98 00000000
D2000000 00000000