Casual Game Patches

Casual Game Patches by Billy Time Games (Sega Edition)

Have you ever been frustrated by the difficulty of a game?
Have you ever wanted to introduce a friend or loved one to a game or game series without fear of them being turned off by the difficulty?
Did you just want to unwind and relax in the comfort of your own home without the stigma of being labeled a cheater by some tryhard?

Relax! We got you. Introducing our Casual Game Patches! Using the power of Game Genie Guy, we have prepared several IPS patches that you can use on your roms that have been thought out, properly tested and approved for maximum enjoyment!

You can even use them on emulators that don’t offer cheat options, so you can relax and kick butt on any emulator or console you wish! Sure, you could do this yourself, thats why we left the links below. But give it a shot and experience your classic games in a whole new way!

Listed below is a list of Important information that may help you out.

Patches are released as is, if you hit a really bad error though, message me and we will take care of it.

Download SEGA Pack 1
Download SEGA Pack 2

*How to Patch a rom:*
IPS Patch Tutorial

*Where to find roms:*

*Tools Used:*
Game Genie Guy (
LunarIPS (

*Game Changelogs:* (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)

*Desert Strike (USA, Europe):*
Infinite Ammo (All Weapons)
Infinite Lives
Infinite Fuel
Stronger Weapons
Infinite Load (Do not carry more than 10 passengers when you land at a helipad. Game will crash. Default is 6)

*Jungle Strike (USA, Europe):*
Infinite Ammo (All Weapons)
Infinite Lives
Infinite Fuel
Pick any Co-Pilot from the start

*Mortal Kombat II (World):*
Test Modes Enabled (Can Be found under options)
Recoil Removed (Can combo specials better. Example would be an uppercut followed by a spear while opponent is airborne.)
Kintaro Punch bug fixed (Kintaro can do more than uppercut, fireball and stomp again.

*NBA Jam (USA, Europe):*
Infinite Turbo
Two scores in a row needed for “On Fire Mode” (Default was Three)
Entering AA_ in the insert intials screen gives you a multitude of in game power ups.

*Phantasy Star II (USA, Europe):*
Stronger Attacks
Can no longer be paralyzed
Shop items are free.

*Road Rash 3 (USA, Europe)*
Run fast when off your bike (Funny effect, can outrun bikes. Watch for cops!)
Start with $50,000 (Enough to buy the most expensive bike in the game and have money left over.)

*Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (World) (Rev A):*
Rings worth 2
Special stage rings worth 8 (Doesn’t appear on scoreboard. Easy way to get Super Sonic)
Super Sonic needs one ring to activate (Doesn’t use rings)
Level Select (Hold down A and press start at title)

*Spider-Man (World) (Sega):*
Debug Mode (During pause, A restores web, B restores health, C grants 5 seconds of Invulerability.)
Super Jump
Use Less web in most situations
Lose less health with hit
Spiderman moves faster (can cause some slowdowns at points of the game but still very playable.)
Web shield lasts longer

*Splatterhouse 3 (USA):*
Start with infinite power (Press A to mutate. Power never drains or goes away when you clear a room.)
Stronger Punches and Throws (Defeat most minor enemies in one or two hits.)
Timer is 50% slower (Achieving the good endings and secrets is much easier to obtain.)
Ghosts no longer appear to steal any weapon you drop.

*Tick, The (USA):*
Stronger punches and Kicks
Level Select enabled
Infinite Continues
Infinite Arthur specials

*Toy Story (USA):*
Infinite Health
Infinite Lives
Level Skip (Pause and press A, Great for the claw game level.)

*Urban Strike (USA, Europe):*
Infinite Ammo (All Weapons)
Infinite Lives
Infinite Fuel
Have fast ladder
Choose any Copilot

*Vectorman (USA, Europe):*
Infinite double Jump
Cheats enabled (Pause and hit the following: C – free movement, A – refill health, Left – Options, Press A in options for debug menu)
Ending unlocked even with cheats enabled
Rapid Fire shots
Timer counts down slower
All health power ups max out health
kill most minor enemies in on hit

*X-Men (USA):*
Mutant Power regenerates almost instantly
Infinite Character Switch
Infinite backup X-men in most cases.
Falling in pits do no damage
Enemy attacks do far less damage
Wolverine walks faster
wolverine regenerates almost instantly (Useful when standing next to another player in two player mode)
Cyclops and Gambit jump higher
Level Select Enabled (Press down and jump underneath the panels in the danger room to the right of the character select.)


*Zombies Ate My Neighbors (USA):*
Start with 7 lives
Start with 9 Medkits (Default was 1)
Gain one new neighbor every level
Squirt gun packs much more of a punch (Can one shot giant worms, chainsaw maniacs, frankenstein’s monster and more!)
Start with 900 squirt gun ammo (Default was 150)
Bazooka Pickups worth 10 (Default was 5)
Skeleton Pickups worth 2 (Default was 1)
Key pickups worth 9 (Default was 1)
Weedwacker pickups worth 500 (Default was 300)
Weedwacker is stronger
Monster potions last longer
Tourists won’t turn into werewolves if left alone during later stages
Pandoras box worth 2 (Default was 1)

*Ghostbusters (W) (REV01):*
Infinite Energy
Infinite Infra Red
Lots of Money
Unlimited Bombs
Infinite Continues
Jump Much Higher
24 Life Bars

*The Adventures of Batman and Robin (USA):*
Infinite Continues
Batman and Robin Walk Faster
Batman and Robin Jump Higher
Weapons always charged
Start each weapon powerup at max level

*Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (USA):*
Infinite Continues
Human Smoke available at dragon logo (Disables Motaro and Shao Kahn)
Cheat menus Enabled

*Streets of Rage (World)*
Start with 6 continues
Enemies are less agressive
Enemeies have a longer stun when hit
Extra options menu enabled by default

*Ranger-X (USA):*
Infinite Weapon Power
Infinite Health inside robot cycle
Two new weapons
earn an extra continue at 50,000 points
Infinite jet thrusters

*Rocket Knight Adventures (USA):*
Almost Instant Jetpack Charge
Start with more health
Infinite Continues
Infinite health in pig droid battle

*Sonic 3 & Knuckles:*
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles Accelerate Faster
Red Spheres give rings
Can keep fire and electric shield underwater
Move faster underwater
Clock moves 4x as slow
Sound Test Unlocked
1 Emerald Needed for Super Form
Cannot Drown
Keep rings when hit
Keep Rings between levels
Tails never gets tired from flying