Zelda – God Mode


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Zelda – God Mode is a modification of The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past on SNES.
Here, Link is made a physical god made flesh with all the powers that come with it. The world is now your playground and you may do what you wish with it it. For better or worse.

(NOTE: Due to the nature of the game breaking powers you are given, There will be a good chance you will experience graphical glitches. Stay calm, your game isn’t busted. The most common method is warping to the Dark World during the rainy introduction.)

Changes from The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past:
*Infinite Revives! (You are basically unkillable!)
*Infinite Magic (Works great if you get the cape early!
*Start with 1/2 magic usage
*Hold L to walk over pits (Works if your in the process of falling too!)
*Start with Magic Mirror (Will appear as a map until you reach Death Mountain.)
*Warp freely between Light and Dark worlds with the magic mirror. (Great for Sequence Breaking or getting items early such as the warp flute.)
*Can dash anytime without a delay by pressing A
*Start with flippers
*Start with Power Gloves Lvl. 2
*Start with Moon Peal (Needed to do anything in the dark world.
*Link has had his eyes and hair changed. (Extreme Makeovah!)
*100% enemy drop rate (Every killed enemy spawns a pickup like rubies or health. Only In dungeons.)
*0 Charge time needed for sword swing attack. (Hold B for less that a second.)
*Hookshot and Boomerang stun enemies permanently!
*Boomerang is given more range!
*Start with all medallions! (Due to a bug, you cannot obtain these during normal play. Which means you can also enter Turtle Rock and finish the game!)
*Golden Pyramid wall is open. (You can now grab lvl.4 gold master sword by Dark World Dungeon 1 and Have Silver Arrows by the second light world dungeon!)

Simply patch your randomized rom and receive:
*Infinite Revive Times
*Pyramid wall open
*Boomerang and Hookshot permastun!
*Ice Isn’t Slippery
*Hold L to Walk over Pits
*Pegusus Boots At all times!
*No Charge Time for pegusus boots!
*Disable Low Health Beep
*Link can lift rocks and swim at all times.
*Dark Caves and Rooms are always lit
*Infinite Magic
*Warp between worlds with the magic mirror.

Download God Mode

Download Randomizer Patch