Super Smash Bros. HoonieGoonie

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Super Smash Bros. HoonieGoonie is a modification of Super Smash Bros. Melee for Gamecube. Its primary goal is to break any semblance of balance in the game’s meta as well as add a few new features for easier accessibility. Tested with Dolphin, and Xeno modchipped GameCube as well as a memory card exploit, Super Smash Bros. HoonieGoonie can be played on a variety of hardware, no extra codes or textures required. Just patch and play! All code and assets were provided by Smash Boards!

Features and Changes:
Global Changes:
*All Characters and Stages unlock from the start
*Game boots directly to VS mode’s Character Select Screen
*Clock has been added to the character select screen so you don’t lose track of time.
*Wavedashing has been disabled
*Perfect Shield parry from SSBU has been implemented
*Air grabs can now be performed
*Unrestricted Pause Camera
*Music plays at 20% after being Idle for a minute (Handy for free play.)
*Skip no memory card message at startup
*Smash attacks can be performed out of a dash
*C-Stick can now be used in Single Player Modes
*C-Stick can be used out of a dash
*Holding C-Stick will allow you to charge your smash attacks
*Extended Player Name Entry – You are now allowed 8 characters over the original four
*Controller will rumble when character is selected
*Brinstar Depths has been disabled entirely. Won’t appear on random select and picking stage will take you to Fourside.
*Strike out option! Press X to ban a stage, Y to ban any stage not allowed in random select and Z to unban all stages. (Any stage banned can still be selected with random select if not banned there.)
*Game defaults to 3 stock match in VS
*Item switch is unlocked, will need to switch off if you prefer no items

Character Changes:
*Captain Falcon & Gannondorf can ledge grab coming out of a side B attack
*Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch now takes Two Stocks!!! (Don’t get hit!)
*Bowser can perform his flame cancel from v1.00
*Pressing the taunt button with Kirby will give him a random power if he currently does not have one. (May impact load times)
*Donkey Kong always has a fully charged punch
*Mewtwo can float (Hold jump only after first jump)
*Mewtwo always has a fully charged shadow ball
*Samus always has a fully charged charge shot
*Samus can aim and fire charge shot in different directions
*Luigi’s side B always misfires
*Ice Climber’s Up+B has higher vertical velocity
*Both Ice Climbers can grab the ledge at the same time
*Mr. Game & Watch’s Judgement Hammer is always set to 9
*Mr. Game & Watch is now rendered in 3D
*Marth’s sword colors are now dependent on his current color costume
* Ness’ PK Thunder does not disappear on hit or death.
*Peach has Infinite float time.
*Fox and Falco can double jump out of a Side B

Xdelta is required to patch you game. For use with Super Smash Bros. Melee v1.02 NTSC only.