Inspector Gadget (U) SNES

Inspector Gadget (U) PAR
Infinite Hat: 7E1592:FF
Gadget’s punches go way further: 7E0996:75
Start With All Items: 7E159C:FF
Float down after jumping: 7E093C:01
Max Lvl. Plunger: 7E15A2:04
Max Lvl. Hand: 7E15AE:04
Max Lvl. Arrow: 7E15A4:04
Max Lvl. Mini Men: 7E15AA:04
Max Lvl. Blue Propeller: 7E15A6:04
Max Lvl. Lamp: 7E15AC:04
Max Lvl. Bomb: 7E159E:04
Max Lvl. Red Propeller: 7E15A8:04
Max Lvl. Anvil: 7E15A1:04

Inspector Gadget (U) Game Genie
Powerups Give you max stats and never disappear: CEDB-8DF6
Start With 99 Hat: 1746-E7D7
(The following codes work only when you obtain at least one of each item.)
Start With Three Hand: DF4C-E407
Start with Three Arrows: D74B-E767
Start with Three Blue Copters: DF4C-E4D7
Start With Three Lamps: DF4C-EFA7
Start With Three Mini Men: DF4C-EF07
(The Following codes work best combined with the Start With…. codes.)
Always Have Max Level Hand: DF4C-EDD7
Max Blue Copters, Invincibility & Perma Flight:
Start with Three Red Copters MAXED:
MAX Arrow Level:
Start With Three Bombs MAXED: