Iron Man Doom


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Happy 4th Anniversary from us at BillyTime! We have worked non stop to bring you a gaming experience like no other, a way to expand our reach and understanding to yet another game engine and ensure that anyone who plays this will have hours if not days or weeks, months, or years worth of fun!

Also, because there was no Iron Man mod that I’ve seen for Doom so I’m 1st. šŸ˜‰

Iron Man Doom is of course, a modification of ID Software’s 1993 classic Doom. It heavily modifies all but the core game’s maps themselves to present a wild new experience in Doom as well as to make the mod work with as many map packs as possible.

Download Mod W/GZDOOM (Link) (Extract this zip into a new folder, this will be your install folder.)

Download Mod W/Zandronum & IDE (To play Online) (Extract zip to its own separate folder.)

How to use (PC):
1.Before we get into the rundown you will need a copy of Doom or Doom 2, Doom.wad and Doom2.wad respectively. This download contains no ready to play version of Doom.
You can find both and more here: (Link)
Alternatively, google is your friend.

2.Next you need to copy Doom.Wad/Doom2.wad/ETC… from your steam folder. place the .wad in your Install folder (Link)

3.Double click GZDoom to play! Alternatively, dragging and dropping IronMan.wad to GZDoom works too as well as modifying your zdoom ini to autoload other mods upon start.

How to play Doom 1 and 2 online & with mods!:
(Link) (IDE is included with the online version download.)

Here is a nonlinear rundown of the game’s various features and changes.

Supported Map Packs – That We Know Of:
Doom 1
Doom 2
TNT – The Plutonia Experiment
Chex Quest 1-3

Iron Man Doom Features:

*Iron Man:
Weapon Set:
2.Machine Gun
7.Sniper (W/ Zoom Alt Fire)
8.Grenade Launcher (W/Bouncing Grenade Alt Fire)
9.Nuclear Missle Launcher

+Regenerates Cells Faster (Alt-Fire with cell based weapon)
+Can move and sprint faster than War Machine
+Regenerates health faster than War Machine
-Cannot take as much damage without perks
-Improper use of a Nuke can and will Kill you

*War Machine:
Weapon Set:
2.Gatling Gun
4.Bio Bomb Launcher
5.Spray Cannon
6.Rocket Launcher
7.Tear Gas Launcher
8.Double Grenade Launcher
9.Black Hole Generator

+Chaingun Regenerates its ammo, even when not in use
+Regenerates Armor over a short period of time
+Can take much more damage than Iron Man
-Regenerates Cells slower (Alt-Fire with cell based weapon)
-Regenerates health at a slower rate than Iron Man or Rescue
-Cant move and sprint as fast as Iron Man
-Improper use of a Black Hole can and will Kill you

Weapon Set: (All Weapons Have Punch as Alt Fire)
2.Burst Gun
5.Electro Gun
6.Auto Shotgun
7.Freeze Rifle
8.Swarm Plasma Cannon
9.Pyro Cannon

+Cell based weapons regenerates ammo, even when not in use
+Heals faster than any character
+Moves faster than all other characters
+Can quick punch with any weapon using Alt fire
-Has the lowest health pool of all characters
-Most weapons are based around cells, use cells wisely
-Improper use of a Pyro Cannon can and will Kill you
*All Characters:
Health Regen
Nightvision (Press “N”)
Deployable shield (Press “Q”) (Note you may have to map “Use Inventory” key.)

*10 Available Perks to collect during gameplay!
Double Tap
(Increase rate of fire)

(Protection from damage)

(Steal life from your enemies with every hit!)

Area Map
(Obtain a map of the current stage)

Extreme Conditioning
(Move faster)

Infinite Ammo
(As the name implies, lasts until level is completed)

Danger Close
(Stacks with Juggernaut) (Protection from explosions)

Stopping Power
(Deal 5x more damage)

One Man Army
(Hold much more Ammo)

(Ammo Pickup for all weapons)

Infinity Gauntlet
(Obtain a new weapon for a short time, blast enemies with a powerful beam or a one time use to destroy all enemies in the map.)

*Almost every enemy has been replaced with new monsters with fearsome new abilities.
*8 difficulty modes! (Each difficulty has its own description explaining each mode when selecting at the main menu.)
*New F1 screen for quick control reference.
*New rockin’ SNES + Genesis Soundtrack
*Playable with Doom 1,2,TNT Evilution & The Plutonia Experiment, SIGIL, Chex Quest and perhaps others more…
*Fancy Special FX
*Custom menus and fonts
*New text in game and many new quit messages
*Secret console cheat codes which range from changing the music to gaining some sweet sweet perks!
*Works great with Bolonesge for crazy gore effects! (Link)
*Is mostly compatible with Delta Touch GZDoom on android! (Link)
*For the first time ever in a BillyTime! game, Iron man Doom can be played ONLINE!

Cheat Codes:
Press `/~ to activate the console, must enable console in the game’s option menu first.
SV_Cheats True
(Activates Cheats in difficulties where you aren’t supposed to cheat)
ChangeMus ACDC
ChangeMus MOVIE
(Change In game music until end of level, above are a few examples.)

Summon *
(Summon a monster, powerup, ammo, or perk of your choosing. TheĀ dumpclasses actorĀ command can be used to see all the spawnable actors.)

Give All
(Have All Items, keys and a stock of Health, Ammo, and Armor!)

(Revive your player after death.)

(Phase through walls, you loose the ability to pickup anything until you enter the cheat again.)

sv_infiniteammoĀ #
(If “#” is 1, enables infinite ammo. If “#” is 0, disables it.)

killĀ Monsters
(As the name implies, kills all monsters on the level. Just typing Kill kills your player.)

(God Mode. Not always Applicable to certain enemies and damage types.)

tab=chase (3rd Person Cam)
q= invuse (Shield)
w=+forward (Move Foward)
e=+use (Open Door, Use buttons)
ctrl=+crouch (Self Explanatory)
a=+moveleft (Strafe Left)
s=+back (Backpedal)
d=+moveright (Strafe right)
shift=+speed (Run)
b=togglemap (Area Map)
n=goggle (Night Vision)
space=+jump (Fly Upwards)
mouse1=+attack (Fire)
mouse2=+altattack (Secondary Fire/ Zoom Scope)
mwheelup=weapnext (Select Next Weapon)
mwheeldown=weapprevĀ  (Select Previous Weapon)


*Wolverine MK1:
Weapon Set:
1. Adamantium Claws (W/Block Alt Fire)

+Better Melee range than all other characters
+Heals as fast as Rescue
+Can Block all attacks using alt fire with no damage taken!
-No Flight
-No ranged attacks or any other attacks to speak of
-Some perks such as one man army are rendered useless

Weapon Set:
1.NES Zapper (W/Alt Fire)

+Unlimited Ammo
+Powerful weapons that can kill fast and from afar! šŸ˜‰
-Must be targeting an enemy to fire
-Lower Health Pool
-No flight

Weapon Set:
1.Machine Gun
2.Napalm Launcher (W/Alt Fire)

+Unlimited Ammo
+Rapid Fire Machine Gun
+Napalm Launcher can Clear Crowds fast with standard and alt fire!
-Poor use of the napalm launcher can and will kill you
-Lower Health Pool
-No Flight

Weapon Set:
1. Machete (W/Block Alt Fire)

+Starts with The Vampire Perk!
+Able to block and reflect projectiles
+Fastest Speed in the game!
-No ranged weapons to speak of
-Lower Health Pool
-No Flight

Weapon Set:
1.Slotgun (W/ Alt Fire)

+Unlimited Ammo
+Devastating weapons! šŸ˜‰
-Lower Health Pool
-Reload delay between shots

Update: 8/7/2020:
Barons of Hell have been reverted back to their original form which fixes a soft lock bug in Episode 1, Mission 8 of Doom 1

Update: 1/19/2020:
*Iron Man, War Machine and Rescue’s machine gun weapons have been reverted to hitscan based weaponry and received a damage nerf. This is to allow for better support with SIGIL

Update: 9/4/2019:
*Fixed Bug Regarding Wolverine’s GFX that would prevent players from starting the game.

Update: 6/20/2019:
*Modified Wolverine’s MK1 Graphics
*Music Changed for Level 2,3,4 in original doom to prevent copyright strikes against any streamers or those wishing to do a video. (Luckily we found out before anyone else did.)
Note: Youtube doesn’t like the soundtrack for Rock and Roll Racing.

Update: 6/15/2019:

Update: 6/14/2019:
*Added a new death animation for fire based weaponry
*New Perk, for a short time, You can obtain the Infinity Gauntlet, blast enemies with a powerful beam or a one time use to destroy all enemies in the map.
*Lesser enemies now go flying when punched
*Danger Close Perk has been buffed to allow protection from more types of damage
*New Charge GFX to make charging cells look less confusing
*Stopping Power Perk has been buffed from 4x damage to 5x damage!
*Reworked Menu Screen with better text and cursors
*Added fire and punch death situations for some more enemies

Update: 6/11/2019:
*Fixed a bug which gave Iron man wolverine’s claws (It was a debug feature)
*New repulsor blast vfx (NOW THEY ARE ACTUALLY LASERS!)
*New enemy health bar at top of HUD (Displays name and remaining health

Update: 6/10/2019:
New VFX to brighten up the place!
Fixed clipping bug with War Machine’s Tear Gas Gun

Update: 6/8/2019:
Added a preset config file so Iron Man works just by double clicking GZDOOM.