Iron Man – Shoot To Thrill

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In a surprise release, Iron Man – Shoot To Thrill! is another character mod for Super Mario Bros on the NES. In this reiteration of the timeless classic. Tony Stark and James Rhodes (Iron Man and War Machine of Marvel Comics fame) take on Bowser and The Koopa Troopa using their wits, bravery and the latest innovations in Stark weapon technology.

With flight, a plethora of firepower and some espionage on the behalf of Pepper Potts, Tony and Rhodey have everything they need to rescue The Vision, An advanced android who has had his phasing disabled to prevent him from escaping Bowser’s Lair. Can Tony and Rhodey save Vision from being converted into Bowser’s ultimate weapon of destruction? The answer lies with you!

Most modifications were done with Game Genie Guy, SMBUtil and SMB Remodeler.

Note: You need an NES Emulator to play.

Special Thanks to Matt Ringler & Jonnichu of The New York Gamers Federation for Their extensive bug testing and reports. You guys are awesome!

Differences from vanilla SMB:
*Hold Up to fly at anytime!
*Most power-ups grant the ability to shoot fireballs (Except for the star and 1-ups)
*Most enemies can be defeated via fireball now (Bowser’s Fire, Bullet Bills, etc…)
*Iron Man and War Machine are invulnerable (Except for pits, hammers and firebars.)
*Enhanced Graphics ( Used PocketNES’ enhanced graphics hack as a base)


*If you die, there is a good chance of a soft lock since you float in the air and don’t come back down. We are currently putting in preventive measures against that.

(8/8/2018): Initial Release!
*Iron Man and War Machine have been granted invulnerability! (They are in suits of armor you know. )
*Certain ceilings have been removed to prevent getting stuck so you can fly around with less consequence.