Iron Man 3

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Iron Man 3 is a modification for Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES. The main features is Mario and Luigi have been replaced with Iron Man and War Machine respectively with all the powers that come with a Stark developed suit of Armor. This mod is notable for being the 10th Hack by Billy Time Games!!!

Differences from Super Mario Bros 3:
*Iron Man and War Machine can jump as many times as you want. (and fly with a running head start to reach certain areas such as warp whistle 1.)
*Iron Man and War Machine are invulnerable to all forms of damage (Except getting crushed and falling into lava. They retain big form after death.)
*Iron Man and War Machine can shoot fireballs at any time (They fly faster and can kill almost any enemy.)
*Water Physics have been disabled
*Power Ups have been disabled (This includes 1-ups as well.)
*Mushroom houses and a majority of bonus games have been removed.
*Door Locks have been removed

Note: You need an NES Emulator to play.

Special Thanks to Jonnichu of The New York Gamers Federation for his extensive bug testing and reports. You rock!

*Card game appears after 80,000 points. Mario graphics have not been edited. Will be disabled or retooled at a later date.
*Potentially a few graphic glitches here and there.
(8/15/2018): Initial Release!