Iron Man – Mushroom Avenger

Iron Man Mushroom Avenger

Foreword: Last summer (2018) I created a simple mod replacing the titular character of Super Mario World with The Invincible Iron Man. It was demo’ed at Syracuse NY Comic Con and received a little bit of praise as well as some raised eyebrows. How was this pulled off? Surely some dark magic was utilized in created such a fantastic yet odd proof of concept. Well no actually, Through Lunar Magic, Asar, Addmusic, YY-CHR, Gopher Popcorn Stew (GPS for short), Spritetool, and Game Genie Guy I was able to conjure up the wildest Idea I had.

I wanted an Iron Man game for the SNES. A good Iron Man game. Sure He was part of an ensemble with Marvel Super Heroes – War of The Gems but I always felt he was a small part to an otherwise larger story, The Infinity Gauntlet. Since I made this little mod I’ve gotten a little bit of flak for the abundance of Iron Man Mods. But I have kind of grown into liking the title of being the “Iron Man Guy”. Its been a minute since I worked on any real major development since Iron Man Doom or even further back Billy Time II. So I needed to sharpen my skills once more and expand upon my proof of concept by looking back at my assets.

All the tricks I have learned for BT1 & 2, The Iron Man SMW mod, hell even Bart. The creepypasta that fell under the radar. Every trick I composed for those games were coupled with anything and every stock based. Whatever I could make due with SMW’s assets in combination with mine to create a fun Iron Man game without months of graphics and level design, branching paths, multiple endings or any real crazy stuff. Consider this a weird fanfiction. The world of Nintendo combined with The Marvel Universe. This Is Iron Man – Mushroom Avenger. Enjoy!

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Iron Man – Mushroom Avenger is a rom hack of Super Mario World that was released Sept. 1st. Its notable for its short development time as well as its brutal difficulty in later stages.

*Fine tuned gameplay ripped from Iron Man 2
*8 Stages
*2 endings
*Saves after every level
*Challenging gameplay

(Sept.1st 2019 – Initial Release)

(Sept.5th 2019)
*Nerfed Final Boss
*A shortcut was added in stage 3, good luck though.
*Autoscroll when continuing from a midway point in stage 4 has been fixed
*Stage 5 is listed as stage 5 and not stage 4
*A wall appears instead of the void in stage 6 before the final boss.
*Anti-cheese traps have been added to stage 2
*Thank You Kyle for your bug reports!*

(Sept.11th 2019)
*ending to Stage 3 modified to prevent players from getting stuck
*modified some placements in stage 4

(Jan. 9th 2020)
*Continue cape bug has been addressed
*Final boss level layout tweaked
*Midpoint modified in Endgame to allow you to skip the bowser cutscene after respawning.

(Feb. 8th 2020)
*Fixed Bugged ending in endgame by creating a finale level after the final boss so the ending actually plays
*Modified final boss level layout to ease frustration
*Secret exit pathing now fixed, alternate level can be accessed for real now!
*Various block related bugs created since the last update have been fixed
*Iron man has been reconfined to cutscenes levels so he doesn’t try to fly off.

(Apr. 21st 2020)
*Fixed Asm interferring with stage intros
*Stage 8 now has asm
*Fixed Intro displaying ending text
*Fixed pathing issue, Stage 8 should now be accessible.

(Jun. 18th 2020)
*Fixed potential soft locks on stage 4 and stage 7
*Fixed transparent blocks on stage 4
*modified level design on stage 4