Marvel Ultimate Alliance Patches (PS2)

Two patches have been created due to incompatibility with each other. Both offering unique upgrades to the 2006 original

*All Characters Unlocked at that start of the game.
*Next gen exclusive character Colossus has been reinstated!!!

*Infinite Special Move power!!!
*All costumes Unlocked at the start of the game.

RED Patch is a WHOPPING 1.9 GB compressed, 2.5 uncompressed. Sorry, the ISO had to be rebuilt and Xdelta was not a fan. May take an hour to patch your ISO.

Blue patch is a cool 11kb.

How to Patch:
1.Grab Marvel – Ultimate Alliance (USA) (REDUMP).iso
2.Grab Xdelta UI (
3.Patch your ISO with the included Xdelta file