Mini Game Island



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Mini Game Island is the 4th 3rd game from Billy Time! Included is 4 brand spanking new games meant for more casual environments such as when you have company over or in a public setting.

Here are the games included…

Billy Time Battle Arena:
In a nod to Streets Of Rage 2’s boss arena from stage 4. The Bribowl serves as Brian’s special venue for combat sports. His guests are the Billy Time crew! The goal is to last as long as possible, power ups will fall from the ceiling which will allow an extra hit. Jump on everything! But watch where you land!

The roster has 8 characters including returning special guest Moe and Brian himself!

Pilfer Panda:

An odd puzzle platformer hybrid. This cute panda can only be hit once by the fuzzy bears that inhabit and populate each level. Jump on them and toss em’ somewhere! Collect 50 coins to enter the next level. There are 5 stages overall followed by a Boss and a loop.

Technoir Tower:

Koga must ascend the highest tower in all of Technoir and stop Crossbone Jones from wrecking havoc on the futuristic utopia. Keep double jumping up, dodging or jumping on exploding robots. Collecting power ups for an extra hit. Six stages followed by a Boss, a hard mode and a revised normal mode when you loop.

Metal Romancer:

Inspired by R-Type or Gradius, Metal Romancer is an attempt to replicate a side scrolling shooter. Simply use the d-pad to move around, press Y to fire your weapon, collect coins and blast enemies. Four stages and a Boss with a revised first stage when you loop.
Each game resets to the title screen after each attempt in order to reset the score. Compete for the highest among your friends, peers, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, your dog, or the toaster!

This game was made in a week in a half, for you. The fans! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Kwanzaa!

Happy Holidays!


Version 2
Fixed a game ending bug in Technoir Tower (There was no double jump or game over screen)
Koga From Technoir Tower has been added to Billy Time Battle Arena!

Note: A SNES emulator is required to play