Pac-Man 2 – The Arcade Games

Pac-Man 2 – The Arcade Games is a collaboration patch designed to allow you to play both Pac-Man and Genesis exclusive Pac Jr.
without the need to play the base game or use a password.


*Opening cutscene is skipped (Credit to Tony H)
*Text changes on the main menu to note both Pac-man and Pac Jr. (Credit to eskayelle/Double Z)
*Hex editing to repoint Start Game to Pac-Man (Credit to eskayelle/Double Z)
*Custom code utilized when selecting Pac Jr. to automatically load the game from the password screen! (Code by BillyTime! Games)

*Palette hex editing to revise title screen to look more similar to the arcade games (Credit to Futura)
*Palette hex editing to black out the password screen background (Credit to Futura)

*Palette hex editing to black out password screen sprites and “The New Adventures” sprites (Credit to eskayelle/Double Z)

*Hex edits to certain LEA $00A0FF00, etc. calls to register A3 to silence password screen music (Pause Toon) and exit chime (Credit to eskayelle/Double Z)
*Title will never time out into demo mode (Code by BillyTime! Games)

How to Patch:
1.Grab a copy of Pac-Man 2 – The New Adventures (USA).md
2.Grab Floating IPS (
3.Patch your rom with the corresponding IPS file