Super Mario Bros. 3 God Mode

Continuing the trend of previous god mode releases, SMB3 God mode is exactly what it says on the tin and is made to work with most SMB3 hacks with a few notable exceptions.

*Press Select in level to cycle through all available powerups. 
*Press and Hold A or B while pressing select to Enable/Disable Kuribo’s Shoe (May cause graphical errors.)
*Mario and Luigi can jump in midair
*Fireballs can pierce through walls and enemies

Note: You need Lunar IPS, an NES Emulator and a Super Mario Bros. 3 (U) (PGR0) based rom to play.

*Works great with the SMB3 Randomizer!

Incompatible Hacks:
*Super Mario Bros. 3Mix (No Effect)
*Mario Adventure (No Effect)
*Super Mario Bros 3 Mini Hack BS (Crashes on World 1-3)


*Message us in the usual places if you find any errors other than what is stated above.