Thanos Reigns


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Thanos Reigns is a character mod for Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment system. In this re-imagining of a storied classic, Thanos “The Mad Titan” of Marvel Comics fame sets out to rescue his young Gamora from the clutches of Bowser.

But not all is as it seems. Thanos is mighty and it will take more than Koopas and Piranha Plants to fall The Mad Titan. Thanos has near Invulnerability from several enemies and possess superior agility to dodge several obstacles. By using the ability of the Reality Gem, Thanos has the ability to see which blocks have gems in them. Thanos has many tricks up his sleeve and he will need every last one of them to save the one person he loves most. Beware though, you only have one shot to save your daughter and bring balance to the mushroom kingdom.

Most modifications were done with Game Genie Guy, SMBUtil and SMB Remodeler.

Note: You need an NES Emulator to play.

Differences from vanilla SMB:
*Thanos Moves faster, Jumps higher (Even in water!)
*Thanos is invulnerable from all  enemies. (Excluding Hammers, Firebars, and pits)
*Time moves slower and always remains at 200 seconds
*Thanos has the ability to warp to any world. (Press B at Title Screen)
*Thanos has the ability to see ? blocks which have power-ups (Noted by a crown)
*Thanos can obtain the Infinity Gauntlet (Won’t say what it does.)
*Stars no longer have any effect
*1-up mushrooms no longer have any effect
*Enhanced Graphics ( Used PocketNES’ enhanced graphics hack as a base)

*2-Player mode isn’t fully disabled yet so please refrain from hitting select at the title screen.

(8/7/2018): Inital Release