Thanos Reigns II

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Thanos Reigns II is a modification of Super Mario World on SNES.

After conquering The Mushroom Kingdom in Thanos Reigns, The Mad Titan sets his sights on pillaging Dinosaur Land!

Changes from Super Mario World:
*Thanos has only 1 life to start. More can be obtained through normal gameplay.
*Thanos is indestructible to normal attacks. (Pits and Lava still kill.)
*Autosave after every level!
*The Infinity Gauntlet replaces the Fire Flower. It operates the same as the original game. Most enemies can be snapped. (Except Bosses and Reznor.)
*Levels have been modified and story removed to prevent glitches, crashes and paradoxes.
*Thanos is given a faster walk speed and lower gravity to allow for moon jumps.
*Thanos can jump in midair. Its not the same as Iron Man’s flight however.
*Thanos can see which pipes can be entered or not. Look for pipes that actually have a top on them. 😉

None, yet…

(12/26/2018): Fixed screen cutoff at Yoshi’s House
(12/1/2018): Initial Release

Note: You need an SNES Emulator to play!