Vectorman Weapon Select

Vectorman Weapon Select
April. 19th 2021
BillyTime! Games

This patch is designed to add a weapon select to Vectorman as a normal feature. It replaces the health refill cheat and designed to activate with a press of a button for easy access.

Choosing Weapons:
1.Pause Your Game
2.Press A

Additional Features:
*Anti Cheat is disabled
*Infinite Ammo
*Compatible with Vectorman SRAM

Weapon select appears to be disabled in non platform levels such as Stage 2 – MetalHead.

How to Patch:
1.Grab a copy of Vectorman (USA, Europe).md
2.Grab Floating IPS (
3.Patch your rom with the corresponding BPS file
4.If you wish to use Vectorman SRAM, apply that patch
over your new weapon select rom.